Friday, March 08, 2024 4:00 pm–7:00 pm Hall B Grooming Stage

4:00 pm: Check-in
4:15 pm: Pre-Judging
4:30 pm: Ring Closes
4:45 pm: Contest Starts
6:15 pm: Contest Ends / Final Judging
6:45 pm: Awards


Special note: Electric will NOT be provided in the contest ring. You must supply your own cordless clippers and/or scissors.

Two groomers, one dog, groomed to perfection while entertaining your judges as much as possible.

Acceptable Breeds: Any purebred or mixed breed is allowed in this class, and two groomers will work simultaneously on one dog. For Poodle styles, feet may be shaved prior to competition start time. NO extra time will be permitted if not completed prior to class start. Face must be shaved during competition time frame. Show topknots may be pre-banded, including hair extensions prior to the start of the class, spray up products are prohibited prior to the start of the class.

Themes are encouraged, creative gifting and bribery towards the judges and crowd is allowed, and joyous merriment must be had by all involved! (No outside food or beverage allowed in venue but creative non-consumable gifting and bribery encouraged.)

Contest Time Limit: 1 hour and 30 minutes (1:30 hrs.) for all dogs

Accessories: May use accessories for tie-ups if they are relevant or necessary to the style or theme of the groom- however they should not detract from the overall impression of the groom itself.

Divisions: Open to all competitors at any level

Final Judging: The Judges will evaluate the following: Balance, symmetry, uniformity and style of the trim and adherence to the Duo’s chosen theme. The ability of the groomers to create the most pleasing profile for the dog chosen, according to his/her body type, structure and coat. For scissored dogs, the execution of a plush overall appearance without scissor marks, unevenness or unintended protruding coat. For hand stripped and/or carded dogs, proper technique to achieve smooth and natural appearance. Clipper work should be smooth and free of irritation. The difficulty with regard to the amount of coat removed, difficulty of the coat type, texture, quality and quantity. Special considerations will be given for difficulty, combined teamwork, and the ability for the Duo to work cohesively together either in tandem or unison.


Prize Money

1st Place – $600       2nd Place – $500      3rd Place – $400


Lori Craig

Doggie Styles

Shannon Tupes, NCMG

Releve’ Bichons

Olga Zabelinskaya

Elite Pet Spa & Boutique