Saturday, March 09, 2024 8:00 am–9:00 am Italian Suite

Join Dale Sanson, Ph.D., as he delves into the different uses and formulations of leave-on and wash-off grooming products. In the daily grooming process, two types of grooming products are used; wash-off (a traditional shampoo) and a leave-on product (spray-on coat detangler). As a groomer you need to have the versatility of both types of grooming products however, the proper formulation design is always vital for grooming product performance.
Improper selection of a conditioning agent could result in buildup and lack of adsorption in the dog’s hair. Not all preservation agents are acceptable for long-term application to skin and eyes and some leave-on products that contain fragrances can cause possible skin and eye irritation.
The needs for a mobile groomer vary from the traditional brick-and-mortar grooming salons. Disposal of gray water from mobile salons following a workday may need to comply with local regulations. Proper formulation and packaging of spray-on products is vital for mobile groomers working in an enclosed area.
With all these variables, use patterns and possible regulatory implications, choosing a reliable manufacturer with the proper skills and knowledge is key.


Dale Sanson, PhD, MBA

Senior Director of Formulation Development and Compliance Chemistry for Fresh ‘n Clean® Pet-Ag, Inc.