Moving Over To Mobile

Moving Over To Mobile

Mobile pet grooming is quickly becoming a popular option for today’s pet stylists. Many groomers are closing their storefronts and taking the show on the road. Jonathan made this very move himself and in this session, he will share his personal experiences making the move from a salon business model to a mobile business model. Jonathan will share the mistakes he made as well as share what he has found to be beneficial along the way.

Pet Travel – How to Prepare for Travel via Air

Pet owners are often unsure about how to prepare their pets for air travel. This presentation will provide insights into air transport of animals, provide suggestions to prepare pets for travel via cargo, and give suggestions on how to prepare. Risks and stressors associated with transport will be addressed, as well as the potential airline and state entry requirements involved in the journey. Dr. Bryant will also discuss how to prepare pets for air travel by learning the requirements from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) including compliant crates and health certificates.

Maximizing Productivity Through Schedule Management

The difference between a bad, or even average grooming day and a GREAT grooming day is how you handle the management of your schedule. In this session, Joe will discuss how to lessen no-shows, late clients, and traffic in your lobby. Joe will also address how you can best manage your time, your staff’s time, and your clients’ time. He will focus on the best use of everyone’s time and how grooming businesses can work toward predictability instead of each day being full of surprises that could have been avoided. Would you like to feel a little more in control of your business? Then this seminar is perfect for you.