Abstract Carving and Designs

Abstract Carving and Designs

Join Lori as she discusses everything abstract grooming. She will explain how to come up with designs for certain coat types, the best placement for your design, and explain how to execute the design onto the coat. Learn how to incorporate abstract and carving into your grooms and how to keep your clients coming back for more.

Creative Grooming for Beginners

In this seminar, Lori will cover the basics of learning how to be a creative groomer. She will cover the products you will need, applications for creative grooming, and how to price for your clients. She will also cover how to get your clients on board with adding creative grooming to their pets.

Caring for You: Your Most Irreplaceable Tool

In this class you’ll learn that holistic is more than just a buzzword, as we cover how to care for the mind, body and spirit; as well as why and how all three work together to create awesome groomers and all around people! Topics will include: how stress and burnout can affect us physically, combating fatigue, plus tools and tips to help fix the horrible things we do to our bodies while grooming. Treating our health as a whole person can improve not just our well-being, but the well-being of our business, join me to learn how!

Swivel It, Just a Little Bit!

As a groomer attending a trade show, we are looking for new tools, techniques, and products to make our jobs, therefore our lives easier and to improve our grooming. Swivel thumb shears are still relatively new to the market and certainly fit those criteria. As a new tool with a learning curve, however, they often get stuck in the back of a drawer; forgotten, lonely, and not doing our wrists or scissoring any good. Until now. This hands-on class will teach you the skills and confidence needed to pick them back up in your home salon. We will be covering how holding and using swivels differs from standard shears, positioning them along different canine body parts ergonomically, and control. Bring your own shears to work with and also try several different brands of swivels that will be provided for use.

What is in my Grooming Products?

As a professional groomer, you are the expert in the eyes of the pet parent. You want to feel confident that the grooming products you are using are safe for the pet, yourself, and the pet family. Pet parents have become more aware of the components in their personal care products, and this has carried over to the products used on the family pet.
This session will walk you through label interpretation of a typical shampoo concentrate and where to find additional information. INCI names are often used on ingredient panels and will be explained. The type of water listed and used in the manufacturing of grooming products will also be addressed.
Often overlooked, the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) is a very valuable source of technical data. For mobile grooming units working in a confined space, worker exposure should be known from repeated grooming product use. The SDS of a grooming product is also a very valuable source of information for worker exposure, inhalation, and skin/eye irritation.
With the number of grooming products available, this will not be a comprehensive review but will give you the tools to understand and seek further information where needed. This discussion is designed to educate you so you can discuss with your pet parents, the type of product you are using on their family pet.

*This is a PGC badged course and is eligible for 1 CE Unit. Please visit our website for more information about the Professional Grooming Credential.

So You Want To Be a Contest Groomer?

Whether it is your first time stepping into the competition ring or you have competed before, this class will help you prepare for a grooming competition. Shannon will give you a judge’s perspective and discuss important topics such as sourcing dogs, coat conditioning & maintenance, practice sessions, and things judges are looking for during judging. This class will make you feel more comfortable and confident the next time you step into the ring!

The Dance: Business Practices of the Professional Pet Groomer

Like a dance, grooming is methodical, rhythmic, and expressive. This class emphasizes business practices, such as professionalism, client communications, stress reduction, and positive connections with colleagues. In this fun-filled session, an energizing dance activity replaces a PowerPoint presentation. Because laughter is a component in dance therapy, this activity acknowledges the need for stress relief in a groomer’s daily life. Along with learning to remain professional when dealing with challenging clients, take care of yourself by releasing tension and stress. Elbert teaches the class a simple line dance mixed with a catchy set of tunes. Daily salon events don’t go as planned: dropped clippers; a dog with fleas; a phone ringing nonstop, and owners complaining. Elbert tosses stress balls representing distractions and frustrations during the line dance; students must catch the balls and not step out of line. Whoever is the last one dancing is the winner and wins a set of shears worth over $500.00 New Moon Shears sponsored by Harebone Shears. The dance party isn’t over yet. Participants return to the dance floor with a basket to catch the stress balls. The baskets contain Elbert’s advice on communicating with demanding clients, finding joy in your career, and time-saving techniques to empower students. Charging your worth and valuing yourself as a professional are key learning steps.

*This is a PGC badged course and is eligible for 1 CE Unit. Please visit our website for more information about the Professional Grooming Credential.

Doodle and Poodle Mixes

Here by popular demand is the sought-after session on grooming doodles … okay, poodle mixes! Love ‘em or hate ‘em; Elbert presents how to groom the different hair textures of poodle mixes through her step-by-step procedure of basic standards and valuable techniques. Dubbed by Elbert as “The Compromise Groom”, this session teaches how to pre-groom for future grooms. This strongly praised seminar results in making “doodles” look the “same”. Highly recommended by former participants, the practical knowledge they gained has changed the lives of numerous groomers.

*This is a PGC badged course and is eligible for 1 CE Unit. Please visit our website for more information about the Professional Grooming Credential.

Mobile Grooming 101: The Ins and Outs of a Successful Mobile Grooming Business

In this seminar, Imani Jeffries will teach you the ins and outs she has learned from owning a successful mobile grooming business. She will focus on the following topics:
• How to set up your mobile grooming van
• How to establish a cleaning routine and keep up with cleanliness
• How to set up a daily routine to maximize profit and reduce hours
• Learn the importance of social media and how to create content
• How to create competitive pricing and packaging tips
• Ways to increase revenue while not sacrificing time and physical health
• Tips and tricks to grow an existing business or start up a new one
• Learn new ideas on how to maximize your time in for the most profit

Pet Travel – How to Prepare for Travel via Air

Pet owners are often unsure about how to prepare their pets for air travel. This presentation will provide insights into air transport of animals, provide suggestions to prepare pets for travel via cargo, and give suggestions on how to prepare. Risks and stressors associated with transport will be addressed, as well as the potential airline and state entry requirements involved in the journey. Dr. Bryant will also discuss how to prepare pets for air travel by learning the requirements from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) including compliant crates and health certificates.

Common Infectious Diseases in Pets

During the presentation, common infectious diseases in dogs and cats and their routes of transmission will be discussed. The importance of vaccination and measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases will also be addressed.

Poodle Model Dog Workshop

Sponsored by

*Each participant will be supplied with an Artero model dog. Please arrive at 8:00 am to allow time to assemble and brush out the model dog pet coat prior to the class start time.

Each participant will be required to bring the following tools:
– cordless clippers with blades and snap-on attachments
– an assortment of shears and thinners
– a variety of brushes and combs
– grooming smock

Join Barbara in this interactive Poodle pet trim workshop. Each participant will keep their finished dogs to use as a practicing tool to hone their skills. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

*Each participant will have the opportunity to have their model dog judged by Barbara at the end of the Workshop. In-Class Competitions are completely voluntary and free for attendees. One winner will be chosen as “Best in the Class”.

Sanitation for Grooming Shops, Dog Daycares, Kennels, and Pet Retailers

This class will cover all areas of facility maintenance in your grooming, daycare, boarding, and pet retail business. We will share what type of cleaners are best to keep your pet business clean, disease and odor-free. Which products are safe for use around animals, and not destructive to your cages, kennels, equipment, floors, and synthetic turf. The when, where, and how to use your cleaners.
Basic cleaning techniques for cages, kennels, floors, synthetic turf, pet bowls, laundry, drain maintenance, odor control, infection control, OSHA compliance, and Health Department Standards are all areas we will cover in this class. We will be sharing cleaning techniques that are efficient and effective while showing product dispensing systems that control consumption and save staff time.