Kitty began showing dogs as a child, and later, as a professional groomer and handler she “made up” many champions. She won multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, Best in Shows and Best All Round Groomer awards both in Europe and America. In 1996-1997 she won the prestigious title of “World Champion Poodle Groomer” and the coveted Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for “International Groomer of the Year” at Intergroom in New York, USA. Kitty is the creator, and designer of Tikima Pro Wear for Groomers, K-Design (the world famous dog silhouette stickers), Show Tech professional grooming products and is together with her husband Darren Cooke the owner of Transgroom NV. Kitty is an international grooming contest judge, grooming speaker and demonstrator and has led seminars all around the world to educate groomers and to promote the grooming industry.