Karla Addington-Smith is an award winning and Certified Master Groomer from Cincinnati, Ohio. Spending 40 + years in the world of professional dog grooming, Karla is a grooming contest winner, former GroomTeam USA member, IJA sanctioned contest judge, noted speaker and writer. Her most prestigious win was the 1988 Best American Groomer title at Intergroom with a Bedlington Terrier named Derrick.
Karla has amassed four Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards spanning a decade in the 1990’s as well as a host of awards for her articles on grooming and business related topics, including her book, Introduction to The Foundations of Dog Grooming which was a Dog Writers Association of America Best Book Nominee.
Today, Karla owns and operates the premium services salon, A Fortunate Dog Spa, in Loveland, Ohio.