Sunday, March 12, 2023 11:00 am–12:30 pm German Suite

Pet Service Professionals are under constant pressure to ensure their clients enjoy their services in a safe, sanitary, and healthy environment. Our panel of industry experts will bring the ongoing discussion of pet health and sanitation directly to you. From how to properly clean and disinfect your floors to your grooming equipment between pets. Get the scoop on the science behind sanitation from our industry experts. Take notes, and join in the discussion during the Q&A portion of the program.

Topics Covered:

1. Difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection
2. Mechanical cleaning vs. chemical cleaning
3. Importance of using EPA-approved products
4. How to read and compare product labels
5. Importance of contact time
6. Is rinsing necessary?
7. Does my cleaner damage surfaces?
8. Types of products used for pet sanitation
9. Protocols for standard cleaning
10. Protocols for infectious disease exposure
11. Preventing the spread of disease
12. What are the hardest germs to kill and why?
13. Newer methods of cleaning/disinfecting (ozone, ultraviolet light, accelerated hydrogen peroxide)
14. Home remedy cleaners vs. modern approach
15. Do germs develop resistance to cleaners and disinfectants?


Chris Quinlan, BSc

Health Technology Professional Products Inc.

Dale Sanson, PhD, MBA

Senior Director of Formulation Development and Compliance Chemistry for Fresh ‘n Clean® Pet-Ag, Inc.

Dr. Cliff Faver

IV San Bernard, Managing Partner