Building the Perfect Schedule

Building the Perfect Schedule

Do you have days where you wonder how you will survive or days where you are too busy and overwhelmed? Do you wonder how you will survive on days that are slow? Do you worry about not knowing what your schedule will be like next week or next month? Do you have clients that come in every few weeks and others that come in only once a year? If you answered yes to any of these questions, join Angela Kumpe for this seminar. She will tell you how she totally changed her own business with schedule management tips and how to take control of your schedule.

Supercharge Your Everyday Grooming

In this seminar, Victor will share with you how to make the best out of your grooming by adding on those extras that will make your cash drawer smile. These are the financial aspects that can also maximize your everyday grooming.

Swivel It, Just a Little Bit!

As a groomer attending a trade show, we are looking for new tools, techniques, and products to make our jobs, therefore our lives easier and to improve our grooming. Swivel thumb shears are still relatively new to the market and certainly fit those criteria. As a new tool with a learning curve, however, they often get stuck in the back of a drawer; forgotten, lonely, and not doing our wrists or scissoring any good. Until now. This hands-on class will teach you the skills and confidence needed to pick them back up in your home salon. We will be covering how holding and using swivels differs from standard shears, positioning them along different canine body parts ergonomically, and control. Bring your own shears to work with and also try several different brands of swivels that will be provided for use.