How to Enhance Your Business Through Enrichment Based Grooming

How to Enhance Your Business Through Enrichment Based Grooming

What is enrichment grooming and should your salon or facility consider this option? How does enrichment based grooming add to your environment, your business, and your bottom line? Are you a solo groomer looking to add revenue but not add dogs or cats to your day? Is turnover for employees and clients high? Is there too many injuries and exhaustion with employees? During this hour you will learn how enrichment grooming adds to the grooming experience, the culture of the business, your brand and increase profit margins. Learn who can benefit from adding this program to your salon or business.
The benefits for employees.
The benefits for the pets in their care.
The benefits for the business.
How they will get better reviews.
How it creates a positive culture and environment.

The Dance: Business Practices of the Professional Pet Groomer

Like a dance, grooming is methodical, rhythmic, and expressive. This class emphasizes business practices, such as professionalism, client communications, stress reduction, and positive connections with colleagues. In this fun-filled session, an energizing dance activity replaces a PowerPoint presentation. Because laughter is a component in dance therapy, this activity acknowledges the need for stress relief in a groomer’s daily life. Along with learning to remain professional when dealing with challenging clients, take care of yourself by releasing tension and stress. Elbert teaches the class a simple line dance mixed with a catchy set of tunes. Daily salon events don’t go as planned: dropped clippers; a dog with fleas; a phone ringing nonstop, and owners complaining. Elbert tosses stress balls representing distractions and frustrations during the line dance; students must catch the balls and not step out of line. Whoever is the last one dancing is the winner and wins a set of shears worth over $500.00 New Moon Shears sponsored by Harebone Shears. The dance party isn’t over yet. Participants return to the dance floor with a basket to catch the stress balls. The baskets contain Elbert’s advice on communicating with demanding clients, finding joy in your career, and time-saving techniques to empower students. Charging your worth and valuing yourself as a professional are key learning steps.

*This is a PGC badged course and is eligible for 1 CE Unit. Please visit our website for more information about the Professional Grooming Credential.

Managing Customers of Your Grooming Business

We all have them. We all know who they are. And some of us are even intimidated by them.
But do we REALLY understand them? Should we welcome them?
Yep! You know who I am talking about……PICKY CUSTOMERS!
In this session, Joe spends time talking about these customers and how you and your team could view picky customers in a different way, actually welcoming them instead of being frustrated by them. And how to manage them and situations when things go wrong.
This is a perfect seminar for facility owners, managers, and staff!