Pomeranian Teddy Bear Trim

Pomeranian Teddy Bear Trim

Angela will demonstrate the traditional Teddy Bear Trim for the Pomeranian. She will show you how to achieve a perfectly rounded, fluffy head. She will discuss coat structure, maintenance, tools, and products for the Pomeranian groom.

Asian Fusion Bichon Frisé

Some owners don’t like a finished Bichon groom with a big rounded head. Sometimes owners will request a puppy clip, but some groomers may not understand what that means or how to complete that groom. If you find yourself in a similar situation with a Bichon, let Olga show you a cute Asian version of a Bichon’s head that you can offer to your clients. Olga will talk about preparation, fluffing, styling, and how to promote this style. This seminar may give you your new signature cut for your Bichon clients.

Groom-A-Doodle Do!

To some groomers, a doodle client is a dream while to others they’re a nightmare but they don’t have to be. In this session, Jonathan will go over some ways to create a cute style that will satisfy the doodle owner’s desire for fluff but is still realistically manageable for them between groomings. Jonathan will demonstrate scissor, thinner, and chunker techniques to create a neat yet natural finish as well as clipper techniques using guard combs to cut time.