Pomeranian Teddy Bear Trim

Pomeranian Teddy Bear Trim

Angela will demonstrate the traditional Teddy Bear Trim for the Pomeranian. She will show you how to achieve a perfectly rounded, fluffy head. She will discuss coat structure, maintenance, tools, and products for the Pomeranian groom.

Mixed Breed Personality Trim

Bring a smile to your customers’ faces by grooming dogs with cute expressions, reflecting their personalities for the owners. This is a commercial trim seminar for you to let your creativity shine through a freestyle trim.

Wire Coat Renovation Victor Rosado’s Way

Hand stripping is one of the oldest of all techniques for removing the dead coat of wire coated breeds to create healthier skin and encourage proper coat texture. Hand stripping techniques vary and may be intimidating to groomers, but let Victor be your guide as he demonstrates the basics and proper techniques to ensure the complete, effective, and efficient application of the practice to complete a wire coat groom. Leave this session with the confidence and knowledge to tackle any hand stripping job that comes your way.

Grooming the Westie

Do you struggle with Westie heads or the correct pattern? Tammy will simplify this trim using clipper and thinning shear techniques. She will show you how to get that adorable round head and expression they are known for.

Hiding Structural Flaws on Mixed Breeds

This is a great seminar if you are unsure what the correct structure is on any dog. Tammy will show you how to find its structural faults and how to correct them using clippers and blades. A few slight changes can completely change the appearance of the dog. Your clients will love the change and so will you.

Grooming the English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniels are quickly becoming more popular in our salons and on the competition stage. Learn the proper angulation and techniques to make every English Cocker you work on look great whether it’s a pet or show dog.

Introduction to Rabbit Grooming

There are more than 6 million pet rabbits in the US according to the AVMA. There are a handful of groomers educated in rabbit grooming. The demand is increasing as rabbits become more popular. The industry must respond to the need and Anjie can educate groomers on how to include this new revenue stream into their businesses. Rabbits require regular grooming maintenance just like a dog or cat, but few groomers have the education to offer them services. This class can change that by showing you how to provide basic services for rabbits. Let Anjie show you proper handling, tips, and tricks, do’s and don’ts, and body language, all of which differ vastly from dogs and cats.

*This is a PGC badged course and is eligible for 2 CE Units. Please visit our website for more information about the Professional Grooming Credential.

From Pet Groomer to Enrichment Stylist

Are you tired of struggling with dogs? Getting hurt? Turning clients away? Is your passion too low and your burnout too high? Learn how to enhance your day and the pet’s groom with enrichment grooming. During this seminar, you will learn how grooming through enrichment will create that positive experience for you, your clients, and their pets. From puppies to older dogs and aggressive to scared. Learn what tools you need, and safety tips, but mostly how to go beyond the groom and create an amazing mental, emotional, and physical experience. Samantha will demonstrate different techniques and activities with a live demo dog to show what an enrichment grooming training session would look like.

Key Takeaways for Attendees:
How to build relationships between pet professionals and pets.
Benefits to groomers.
Benefits for pets in your care.
The difference between a pet groomer and an enrichment stylist.

Poodle Miami Trim

Many Poodle owners prefer a very short easy maintenance trim. The Miami trim is a short trim leaving bracelets on the lower legs. Jodi will demonstrate how to scissor bracelets and how to transition the Poodle topknot into a tight crest and body work.

Asian Fusion Grooming with a Touch of Creative

It’s time you started adding some beautiful Asian fusion grooming to your salon with a twist of Creative. In this class, you will learn how easy it is to sculpt a flower and leaves on a cute Asian fusion groom. And of course, doing some of those last-minute creative accessories is so much fun and it can just finish off your beautiful groom. Come have some fun with Adriane while learning some Asian Style and her creative ways.