The Dreaded Deshed

The Dreaded Deshed

Desheds are time consuming and hard on a groomer’s body long term. Learn tips and techniques that actually makes this job easier by working smarter. Learn ways to minimize the work and even in some cases eliminate the need, by better education for the client, more efficient techniques, and products that do the hard work for you.

Supercharge Your Everyday Grooming

In this seminar, Victor will share with you how to make the best out of your grooming by adding on those extras that will make your cash drawer smile. These are the financial aspects that can also maximize your everyday grooming.

Keeping Yourself and Your Employees Happy

As business owners, we should be happy with how our business runs even when we have employees. There are a lot of ways you can keep your employees long-term, and keep yourself happy as well. Since we are in a groomer shortage having and keeping employees that take pride in their job, respect you and your rules as an owner and keep the pets they groom happy and comfortable as well. Create a culture in which your employees will thrive and so will your bottom line.

Setting up Your Business for Success With Employees

Adding to your team can seem like a very overwhelming task. The trick to helping you succeed is being prepared. Whether you are new to hiring or feel you need help getting on track with the staff you have, Denise will use her experience throughout the years to help you design a solid foundation to grow your business while managing employees.
(This will be about forms, policies, and procedures)

You Are Ready to Hire… Now What?

Hiring employees (especially your first one) can be a scary step for any salon owner. The good news is it does not have to be! In this seminar, Denise will present the four major components that have helped her go from a one-woman salon to over twenty employees and growing. She will help you design a blueprint for knowing when to hire, writing job ads, the application process, and the interviewing process. The best part is you can tailor it to fit your unique business model. Learn how to find your dream team and help your business grow.

Geriatric Grooming Certificate Class

You will learn the correct products and handling procedures to keep your geriatrics safe and clean. Hopefully, every dog we groom will grow to a ripe old age, and knowing how to properly handle them can mean a difference to your clients. Products, tools, equipment, and procedures to groom geriatric pets will be discussed. Everyone attending this class will receive a certificate of completion emailed after the show.

Moving Over To Mobile

Mobile pet grooming is quickly becoming a popular option for today’s pet stylists. Many groomers are closing their storefronts and taking the show on the road. Jonathan made this very move himself and in this session, he will share his personal experiences making the move from a salon business model to a mobile business model. Jonathan will share the mistakes he made as well as share what he has found to be beneficial along the way.

Doing the Difficult Client Dance

That “certain” client’s car pulls into the parking lot and you head for the back room, hoping someone else will deal with them. Then you realize that this is a one-person business and you own it! You must deal with “that person” again! You try to explain salon policy and protocol, but they just don’t get it. Who is harder to handle – the dog or the owner!?!? Teri brings “client training 101” to the forefront in this lecture that is peppered with hints (and humor) on making it work while preserving your dignity (as well as sanity). A good primer to avoid client-induced burnout.

Ready, Set, Go – Bathe, Prep, Dry!

The bathing room is the starting point for every successful pet stylist. With an emphasis on safety and efficiency, Teri guides this fun and informative 6-hour seminar through an average day in a busy salon. Learn how safe handling practices and time-saving tips will improve the finished work and save time. This session will include the efficient use of tools, safety restraints and tasks such as nail trimming, ear cleaning and brushing while focusing on the safety and comfort of the pet. Teri will discuss quick and efficient bathing and also take a “groomer’s-eye” look at the proper application of shampoos, conditioners, and sprays and why they work. Teri will discuss different drying techniques to help you get a better scissor finish. This seminar is a real eye-opener for the groomer technician as well as a lesson in efficiency for the seasoned salon owner.

*This is a PGC badged course and is eligible for 6 CE Units. Please visit our website for more information about the Professional Grooming Credential.