Sierra Elbert’s passion for education and safety in the dog grooming industry began at age ten while assisting in her mother’s pet salon. At age 17, Elbert opened a successful grooming and boarding business. Elbert started Iowa’s first pet stylists program with her local community college. Along with instructing multiple canine cosmetology weekend classes for current practicing groomers, she developed an 8-week pet stylist certification course. As an instructor for the course, she witnessed firsthand the program’s benefits.
Soon Elbert realized many pet stylists desired education in grooming, and many high school students were unaware of pet styling as a possible career. She made it her mission to create a work environment that is easier and safer for the groomer and the pets. Elbert introduced new tools, equipment, and shampoos to local groomers.
After trials and tribulations, Elbert’s packed classes had a waiting list. Elbert continues toward her goal! She aims to ensure that every community college nationwide has a pet stylist program. Her objective is to ensure the safety and education of new groomers.