Joe Zuccarello

The Paragon School of Grooming, VP of Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Joe Zuccarello has had a long career in the pet industry, spanning over 35 years. First starting in the services sector, leading a team of over 250 employees and all operations efforts at a multi-unit luxury pet resort, spa, daycare, and training facility for nearly 20 years. He then shifted slightly to begin a 10-year position as Director of Innovation and Product Development for TropiClean, a grooming and dental products manufacturer. Joe now leads a team at the undisputed leader in professional pet grooming education, the Paragon School of Pet Grooming ( and providing online distance learning career training solutions. Joe is also a freelance consultant who has helped hundreds of businesses launch or reshape their grooming services to maximize profit and minimize headaches!


Managing Customers of Your Grooming Business

Maximizing Productivity Through Schedule Management