Dana began her career in animal care as a lead veterinary technician at the North Peninsula Humane Society from 1998-2000. While working there she witnessed firsthand the importance of basic care for our pets on a broader level. Dana moved from there to emergency veterinary care at the North Peninsula Veterinary Emergency as a senior veterinary technician from 2000-2002.
From 2002-2005, Dana worked at a Sacramento area veterinary corporation that specializes in veterinary dentistry.
In 2005, Dana and her husband Alex founded A Purrfect Groomer and after having a brick and mortar salon for 10 years they ditched the salon and hit the road in their new mobile grooming van bringing the care and attention they gave to their salon clients to them.
In 2016, Dana joined the Intellectual Groomers Association as a founding member and was on staff as an expert in feline grooming. As a staff member of IGA, Dana traveled the country giving seminars on feline grooming and certifying qualified groomers. She also wrote the guidelines that are used in feline certification.
In 2018, Dana joined Andis as a feline educator and tours the country giving demos and presentations on feline grooming, feline grooming certifications and the benefits of Andis products.
Dana published her first book in 2021; Meow Wow, The Complete Guide to Feline Grooming to great reviews and it continues to sell out at trade shows around the country.
2022 brought the arrival of 2 Selkirk Rex cats to Dana and she has trained them to travel with her, aiding with feline education as her demonstration models.


Feline Safety Certification

Feline Anatomy & Feline Physiology

Shaving Patterns for Cats

Feline Grooming for Success