Poodle German Trim

Poodle German Trim

If you want to learn the difference between a lamb trim and German trim you don’t want to miss this demonstration. Jay will teach you how to set in the lines on a German trim as well as how to determine the length of the ears and tail to go best with the particular dog. Balance and breed profile will be included as well as how to choose what dog looks best in what trim.

The Dreaded Deshed

Desheds are time consuming and hard on a groomer’s body long term. Learn tips and techniques that actually makes this job easier by working smarter. Learn ways to minimize the work and even in some cases eliminate the need, by better education for the client, more efficient techniques, and products that do the hard work for you.

Building the Perfect Schedule

Do you have days where you wonder how you will survive or days where you are too busy and overwhelmed? Do you wonder how you will survive on days that are slow? Do you worry about not knowing what your schedule will be like next week or next month? Do you have clients that come in every few weeks and others that come in only once a year? If you answered yes to any of these questions, join Angela Kumpe for this seminar. She will tell you how she totally changed her own business with schedule management tips and how to take control of your schedule.

Pomeranian Teddy Bear Trim

Angela will demonstrate the traditional Teddy Bear Trim for the Pomeranian. She will show you how to achieve a perfectly rounded, fluffy head. She will discuss coat structure, maintenance, tools, and products for the Pomeranian groom.

Abstract Carving and Designs

Join Lori as she discusses everything abstract grooming. She will explain how to come up with designs for certain coat types, the best placement for your design, and explain how to execute the design onto the coat. Learn how to incorporate abstract and carving into your grooms and how to keep your clients coming back for more.

Creative Grooming for Beginners

In this seminar, Lori will cover the basics of learning how to be a creative groomer. She will cover the products you will need, applications for creative grooming, and how to price for your clients. She will also cover how to get your clients on board with adding creative grooming to their pets.

Pedigreed and Special Needs Cat Grooming

Different cat breeds need different grooming. Learn about popular and common cat breeds and tips for handling and grooming them. Special needs cats include kittens and senior cats. Learn tips to get kittens acclimated to grooming and the grooming salon. Older and obese cats often need help grooming. Linda will discuss special handling and grooming techniques for these cats. We will discuss when cats can be groomed and when to have the owners stay. This class includes visiting with cats and their owners so you can interact with breed experts and ask questions!

Handling Cats Safely In the Grooming Salon

Cats are a great source of additional revenue or as your only clients! This presentation will give you tips and tricks to bathe cats safely and stress-free. You will learn how to keep the cat happy during the process. How long does it take to groom a cat and how should you house the cat in the salon? Learn how cat skin and hair are unique. Understanding skin structure will help you decide on the correct groom, and even better handling techniques! Should cats be shaved? Why are whiskers sensitive? These questions answered and more.

Linda will give tips on setting up a bathing and grooming station to work on cats. Learn about cat behavior and cat’s body language. Equipment and product safety is discussed. What do you do before the bath, and should all cats be bathed? How should cats be handled to keep them safe and YOU safe, too?

Master Your Scissoring Skills

Scissoring is a master art form on its own and knowing the proper tools to use and how it works will put you in command. Learn from Victor Rosado how to master your shears and how to explore the proper uses of this tool to achieve a perfect finished groom. With a wide variety of shears on the market, knowing how to choose the proper shears for each coat type is important. This seminar will give you an edge in your daily grooming.

Supercharge Your Everyday Grooming

In this seminar, Victor will share with you how to make the best out of your grooming by adding on those extras that will make your cash drawer smile. These are the financial aspects that can also maximize your everyday grooming.

Mixed Breed Personality Trim

Bring a smile to your customers’ faces by grooming dogs with cute expressions, reflecting their personalities for the owners. This is a commercial trim seminar for you to let your creativity shine through a freestyle trim.

Wire Coat Renovation Victor Rosado’s Way

Hand stripping is one of the oldest of all techniques for removing the dead coat of wire coated breeds to create healthier skin and encourage proper coat texture. Hand stripping techniques vary and may be intimidating to groomers, but let Victor be your guide as he demonstrates the basics and proper techniques to ensure the complete, effective, and efficient application of the practice to complete a wire coat groom. Leave this session with the confidence and knowledge to tackle any hand stripping job that comes your way.

Asian Fusion Bichon Frisé

Some owners don’t like a finished Bichon groom with a big rounded head. Sometimes owners will request a puppy clip, but some groomers may not understand what that means or how to complete that groom. If you find yourself in a similar situation with a Bichon, let Olga show you a cute Asian version of a Bichon’s head that you can offer to your clients. Olga will talk about preparation, fluffing, styling, and how to promote this style. This seminar may give you your new signature cut for your Bichon clients.

Grooming the Westie

Do you struggle with Westie heads or the correct pattern? Tammy will simplify this trim using clipper and thinning shear techniques. She will show you how to get that adorable round head and expression they are known for.

Hiding Structural Flaws on Mixed Breeds

This is a great seminar if you are unsure what the correct structure is on any dog. Tammy will show you how to find its structural faults and how to correct them using clippers and blades. A few slight changes can completely change the appearance of the dog. Your clients will love the change and so will you.

Grooming the English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniels are quickly becoming more popular in our salons and on the competition stage. Learn the proper angulation and techniques to make every English Cocker you work on look great whether it’s a pet or show dog.

Drab to Fab Doodle

Let’s be honest, we all want to do that super cute, long fluffy doodle cut. In a perfect world that’s great, but it’s not practical. Quit doing the same old doodle haircuts and learn some easy tricks to make even short hairstyles look cute. We don’t have to hate all the doodles! Take advantage of their cuteness, and amplify it!

Pricing for Profit

Money, money, money! Don’t know about you but the song comes to mind quickly. Yeah, you just went back to sing it! But what are we afraid of? We are in business to make money. Prices are rising everywhere around us, it’s our turn to stop living paycheck to paycheck and start thriving. Let’s unpack how to use our pricing models to generate the most and create a healthy living.

Caring for You: Your Most Irreplaceable Tool

In this class you’ll learn that holistic is more than just a buzzword, as we cover how to care for the mind, body and spirit; as well as why and how all three work together to create awesome groomers and all around people! Topics will include: how stress and burnout can affect us physically, combating fatigue, plus tools and tips to help fix the horrible things we do to our bodies while grooming. Treating our health as a whole person can improve not just our well-being, but the well-being of our business, join me to learn how!

Swivel It, Just a Little Bit!

As a groomer attending a trade show, we are looking for new tools, techniques, and products to make our jobs, therefore our lives easier and to improve our grooming. Swivel thumb shears are still relatively new to the market and certainly fit those criteria. As a new tool with a learning curve, however, they often get stuck in the back of a drawer; forgotten, lonely, and not doing our wrists or scissoring any good. Until now. This hands-on class will teach you the skills and confidence needed to pick them back up in your home salon. We will be covering how holding and using swivels differs from standard shears, positioning them along different canine body parts ergonomically, and control. Bring your own shears to work with and also try several different brands of swivels that will be provided for use.

Introduction to Rabbit Grooming

There are more than 6 million pet rabbits in the US according to the AVMA. There are a handful of groomers educated in rabbit grooming. The demand is increasing as rabbits become more popular. The industry must respond to the need and Anjie can educate groomers on how to include this new revenue stream into their businesses. Rabbits require regular grooming maintenance just like a dog or cat, but few groomers have the education to offer them services. This class can change that by showing you how to provide basic services for rabbits. Let Anjie show you proper handling, tips, and tricks, do’s and don’ts, and body language, all of which differ vastly from dogs and cats.

*This is a PGC badged course and is eligible for 2 CE Units. Please visit our website for more information about the Professional Grooming Credential.

Keeping Yourself and Your Employees Happy

As business owners, we should be happy with how our business runs even when we have employees. There are a lot of ways you can keep your employees long-term, and keep yourself happy as well. Since we are in a groomer shortage having and keeping employees that take pride in their job, respect you and your rules as an owner and keep the pets they groom happy and comfortable as well. Create a culture in which your employees will thrive and so will your bottom line.

Setting up Your Business for Success With Employees

Adding to your team can seem like a very overwhelming task. The trick to helping you succeed is being prepared. Whether you are new to hiring or feel you need help getting on track with the staff you have, Denise will use her experience throughout the years to help you design a solid foundation to grow your business while managing employees.
(This will be about forms, policies, and procedures)

Successful Employee Management

It is no secret that finding, retaining, and managing the right people to build your team can be extremely troublesome for managers and business owners. In this two-hour informationally packed seminar, Denise will discuss what fundamentals are needed to attract the right people to your business, how to retain the employees within your business and how to manage your staff by troubleshooting problems that will arise.

You Are Ready to Hire… Now What?

Hiring employees (especially your first one) can be a scary step for any salon owner. The good news is it does not have to be! In this seminar, Denise will present the four major components that have helped her go from a one-woman salon to over twenty employees and growing. She will help you design a blueprint for knowing when to hire, writing job ads, the application process, and the interviewing process. The best part is you can tailor it to fit your unique business model. Learn how to find your dream team and help your business grow.