Sanitation for Grooming Shops, Dog Daycares, Kennels, and Pet Retailers

Sunday, March 12, 2023 11:00 am–1:00 pm Italian Suite

This class will cover all areas of facility maintenance in your grooming, daycare, boarding, and pet retail business. We will share what type of cleaners are best to keep your pet business clean, disease and odor-free. Which products are safe for use around animals, and not destructive to your cages, kennels, equipment, floors, and synthetic turf. The when, where, and how to use your cleaners.
Basic cleaning techniques for cages, kennels, floors, synthetic turf, pet bowls, laundry, drain maintenance, odor control, infection control, OSHA compliance, and Health Department Standards are all areas we will cover in this class. We will be sharing cleaning techniques that are efficient and effective while showing product dispensing systems that control consumption and save staff time.


Chris Quinlan, BSc

Health Technology Professional Products Inc. / Riverwalk Pet Resort