Deshedding: Theory and Techniques

Sunday, March 12, 2023 10:30 am–12:00 pm Swiss Suite

Shedding pets are a constant problem for pet owners. As much as we love those double-coated breeds and short-coated breeds the hair is enough to make pet owners crazy. Let Jodi show you the best way to shed these breeds.

Let’s take a look at the canine skin and different situations that trigger shedding. Jodi will discuss skin and coat and explain the process of shedding. She has put together a bathing process that will keep those pet owners coming back for more. This is not only the most efficient way to shed out coats but also the healthiest way to deshed for you, the groomer, as well as the pets. This 90-minute presentation includes the theory of the shedding process and will explain the bathing, drying, and shedding processes. 


Jodi Murphy

Jodi Murphy Grooming Products