What is in my Grooming Products?

What is in my Grooming Products?

As a professional groomer, you are the expert in the eyes of the pet parent. You want to feel confident that the grooming products you are using are safe for the pet, yourself, and the pet family. Pet parents have become more aware of the components in their personal care products, and this has carried over to the products used on the family pet.
This session will walk you through label interpretation of a typical shampoo concentrate and where to find additional information. INCI names are often used on ingredient panels and will be explained. The type of water listed and used in the manufacturing of grooming products will also be addressed.
Often overlooked, the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) is a very valuable source of technical data. For mobile grooming units working in a confined space, worker exposure should be known from repeated grooming product use. The SDS of a grooming product is also a very valuable source of information for worker exposure, inhalation, and skin/eye irritation.
With the number of grooming products available, this will not be a comprehensive review but will give you the tools to understand and seek further information where needed. This discussion is designed to educate you so you can discuss with your pet parents, the type of product you are using on their family pet.

*This is a PGC badged course and is eligible for 1 CE Unit. Please visit our website for more information about the Professional Grooming Credential.

From Pet Groomer to Enrichment Stylist

Are you tired of struggling with dogs? Getting hurt? Turning clients away? Is your passion too low and your burnout too high? Learn how to enhance your day and the pet’s groom with enrichment grooming. During this seminar, you will learn how grooming through enrichment will create that positive experience for you, your clients, and their pets. From puppies to older dogs and aggressive to scared. Learn what tools you need, and safety tips, but mostly how to go beyond the groom and create an amazing mental, emotional, and physical experience. Samantha will demonstrate different techniques and activities with a live demo dog to show what an enrichment grooming training session would look like.

Key Takeaways for Attendees:
How to build relationships between pet professionals and pets.
Benefits to groomers.
Benefits for pets in your care.
The difference between a pet groomer and an enrichment stylist.

How to Enhance Your Business Through Enrichment Based Grooming

What is enrichment grooming and should your salon or facility consider this option? How does enrichment based grooming add to your environment, your business, and your bottom line? Are you a solo groomer looking to add revenue but not add dogs or cats to your day? Is turnover for employees and clients high? Is there too many injuries and exhaustion with employees? During this hour you will learn how enrichment grooming adds to the grooming experience, the culture of the business, your brand and increase profit margins. Learn who can benefit from adding this program to your salon or business.
The benefits for employees.
The benefits for the pets in their care.
The benefits for the business.
How they will get better reviews.
How it creates a positive culture and environment.

Geriatric Grooming Certificate Class

You will learn the correct products and handling procedures to keep your geriatrics safe and clean. Hopefully, every dog we groom will grow to a ripe old age, and knowing how to properly handle them can mean a difference to your clients. Products, tools, equipment, and procedures to groom geriatric pets will be discussed. Everyone attending this class will receive a certificate of completion emailed after the show.

Client Communication: How to De-escalate Angry Clients

We have all dealt with a difficult client that just needs to calm down, but have you ever told someone to calm down and it has the opposite effect? Then this class is for you! Take advantage of Mindy’s over 5 years of teaching store detectives how to de-escalate shoplifters and 11 years of owning her own grooming shop, as she teaches you the tools to get upset, angry, and uncooperative clients to calm down.

Deshedding: Theory and Techniques

Shedding pets are a constant problem for pet owners. As much as we love those double-coated breeds and short-coated breeds the hair is enough to make pet owners crazy. Let Jodi show you the best way to shed these breeds.

Let’s take a look at the canine skin and different situations that trigger shedding. Jodi will discuss skin and coat and explain the process of shedding. She has put together a bathing process that will keep those pet owners coming back for more. This is not only the most efficient way to shed out coats but also the healthiest way to deshed for you, the groomer, as well as the pets. This 90-minute presentation includes the theory of the shedding process and will explain the bathing, drying, and shedding processes. 

Poodle Miami Trim

Many Poodle owners prefer a very short easy maintenance trim. The Miami trim is a short trim leaving bracelets on the lower legs. Jodi will demonstrate how to scissor bracelets and how to transition the Poodle topknot into a tight crest and body work.

Asian Inspired Trim on a Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is one of many difficult breeds for clients to maintain. Jodi has owned this breed since she was 21 years old. She has first hand experience with which trims work well and which do not.

If your clients love the beautiful flowing coat but realize the high maintenance of it, this trim may be the answer. Jodi is a master at beveling Cocker feet. She was inspired by the Asian Fusion concept and decided to give it a bit of a twist on her Cocker Spaniel Justin! This trim turns heads everywhere she goes. Watch Jodi as she walks you through setting this beautiful trim!

Asian Fusion Grooming with a Touch of Creative

It’s time you started adding some beautiful Asian fusion grooming to your salon with a twist of Creative. In this class, you will learn how easy it is to sculpt a flower and leaves on a cute Asian fusion groom. And of course, doing some of those last-minute creative accessories is so much fun and it can just finish off your beautiful groom. Come have some fun with Adriane while learning some Asian Style and her creative ways.

Moving Over To Mobile

Mobile pet grooming is quickly becoming a popular option for today’s pet stylists. Many groomers are closing their storefronts and taking the show on the road. Jonathan made this very move himself and in this session, he will share his personal experiences making the move from a salon business model to a mobile business model. Jonathan will share the mistakes he made as well as share what he has found to be beneficial along the way.

The Yorkie Pet Trim

So many groomers struggle with the Yorkie trim. The variety of coat textures, from thin and fine to thick and wooly, can certainly be a challenge but they require different approaches. In this session, Jonathan will discuss the Yorkie coat types, what tools to use on each, and some popular styles as well as demonstrate his well-known “scissor over comb technique” using thinners to achieve a smooth layered finish and a sweet expression.

Groom-A-Doodle Do!

To some groomers, a doodle client is a dream while to others they’re a nightmare but they don’t have to be. In this session, Jonathan will go over some ways to create a cute style that will satisfy the doodle owner’s desire for fluff but is still realistically manageable for them between groomings. Jonathan will demonstrate scissor, thinner, and chunker techniques to create a neat yet natural finish as well as clipper techniques using guard combs to cut time.

Doing the Difficult Client Dance

That “certain” client’s car pulls into the parking lot and you head for the back room, hoping someone else will deal with them. Then you realize that this is a one-person business and you own it! You must deal with “that person” again! You try to explain salon policy and protocol, but they just don’t get it. Who is harder to handle – the dog or the owner!?!? Teri brings “client training 101” to the forefront in this lecture that is peppered with hints (and humor) on making it work while preserving your dignity (as well as sanity). A good primer to avoid client-induced burnout.

So You Want To Be a Contest Groomer?

Whether it is your first time stepping into the competition ring or you have competed before, this class will help you prepare for a grooming competition. Shannon will give you a judge’s perspective and discuss important topics such as sourcing dogs, coat conditioning & maintenance, practice sessions, and things judges are looking for during judging. This class will make you feel more comfortable and confident the next time you step into the ring!

Making the Most Out of Your Product

With an abundance of choices for premium pet shampoo and other products at our fingertips, Shannon will share some insight on ways to navigate through choosing the right products for your clients. Shannon will discuss selecting products according to coat type in order to maximize the efficiency of the product. Newer trends such as elixirs, serums, and alternative applications will be discussed as well. Don’t miss this interactive and informative class that has a live demo and giveaways!

Bichon Pet Trim Simplified

In this information-packed demo, Shannon will show you how to do a quick and easy pet trim while maintaining the integrity of the breed profile. This well-balanced, easy-to-maintain trim is an excellent choice for everyday salon grooming. Shannon will briefly discuss product selection and application while divulging some insight into some “breeder tricks” to help you easily maintain this cheerful, white powder puff of a dog.

The Dance: Business Practices of the Professional Pet Groomer

Like a dance, grooming is methodical, rhythmic, and expressive. This class emphasizes business practices, such as professionalism, client communications, stress reduction, and positive connections with colleagues. In this fun-filled session, an energizing dance activity replaces a PowerPoint presentation. Because laughter is a component in dance therapy, this activity acknowledges the need for stress relief in a groomer’s daily life. Along with learning to remain professional when dealing with challenging clients, take care of yourself by releasing tension and stress. Elbert teaches the class a simple line dance mixed with a catchy set of tunes. Daily salon events don’t go as planned: dropped clippers; a dog with fleas; a phone ringing nonstop, and owners complaining. Elbert tosses stress balls representing distractions and frustrations during the line dance; students must catch the balls and not step out of line. Whoever is the last one dancing is the winner and wins a set of shears worth over $500.00 New Moon Shears sponsored by Harebone Shears. The dance party isn’t over yet. Participants return to the dance floor with a basket to catch the stress balls. The baskets contain Elbert’s advice on communicating with demanding clients, finding joy in your career, and time-saving techniques to empower students. Charging your worth and valuing yourself as a professional are key learning steps.

*This is a PGC badged course and is eligible for 1 CE Unit. Please visit our website for more information about the Professional Grooming Credential.

Doodle and Poodle Mixes

Here by popular demand is the sought-after session on grooming doodles … okay, poodle mixes! Love ‘em or hate ‘em; Elbert presents how to groom the different hair textures of poodle mixes through her step-by-step procedure of basic standards and valuable techniques. Dubbed by Elbert as “The Compromise Groom”, this session teaches how to pre-groom for future grooms. This strongly praised seminar results in making “doodles” look the “same”. Highly recommended by former participants, the practical knowledge they gained has changed the lives of numerous groomers.

*This is a PGC badged course and is eligible for 1 CE Unit. Please visit our website for more information about the Professional Grooming Credential.

Mobile Grooming 101: The Ins and Outs of a Successful Mobile Grooming Business

In this seminar, Imani Jeffries will teach you the ins and outs she has learned from owning a successful mobile grooming business. She will focus on the following topics:
• How to set up your mobile grooming van
• How to establish a cleaning routine and keep up with cleanliness
• How to set up a daily routine to maximize profit and reduce hours
• Learn the importance of social media and how to create content
• How to create competitive pricing and packaging tips
• Ways to increase revenue while not sacrificing time and physical health
• Tips and tricks to grow an existing business or start up a new one
• Learn new ideas on how to maximize your time in for the most profit

Pet Travel – How to Prepare for Travel via Air

Pet owners are often unsure about how to prepare their pets for air travel. This presentation will provide insights into air transport of animals, provide suggestions to prepare pets for travel via cargo, and give suggestions on how to prepare. Risks and stressors associated with transport will be addressed, as well as the potential airline and state entry requirements involved in the journey. Dr. Bryant will also discuss how to prepare pets for air travel by learning the requirements from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) including compliant crates and health certificates.

Common Infectious Diseases in Pets

During the presentation, common infectious diseases in dogs and cats and their routes of transmission will be discussed. The importance of vaccination and measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases will also be addressed.

Red Flag Clients

The class will cover 10 of the most common types of red flag clients and how to deal with them along with identifying animal red flags. Attendees will be given access to a pre-recorded version of this program along with being able to download a handout of phrases to keep handy and workbook.

Managing Customers of Your Grooming Business

We all have them. We all know who they are. And some of us are even intimidated by them.
But do we REALLY understand them? Should we welcome them?
Yep! You know who I am talking about……PICKY CUSTOMERS!
In this session, Joe spends time talking about these customers and how you and your team could view picky customers in a different way, actually welcoming them instead of being frustrated by them. And how to manage them and situations when things go wrong.
This is a perfect seminar for facility owners, managers, and staff!

Pet Care Business Infectious Disease Control Basics

This class applies to all types of animal-related businesses.

Hygiene and sanitation are two of the most basic and important ways to combat infectious diseases in your pet care business. Safely removing dirt and germs from surfaces is always the first and most important step when it comes to hygiene and sanitation. This class will teach the difference between cleaning, and sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilization. How each of these processes work together to achieve the desired results.

Sanitation for Grooming Shops, Dog Daycares, Kennels, and Pet Retailers

This class will cover all areas of facility maintenance in your grooming, daycare, boarding, and pet retail business. We will share what type of cleaners are best to keep your pet business clean, disease and odor-free. Which products are safe for use around animals, and not destructive to your cages, kennels, equipment, floors, and synthetic turf. The when, where, and how to use your cleaners.
Basic cleaning techniques for cages, kennels, floors, synthetic turf, pet bowls, laundry, drain maintenance, odor control, infection control, OSHA compliance, and Health Department Standards are all areas we will cover in this class. We will be sharing cleaning techniques that are efficient and effective while showing product dispensing systems that control consumption and save staff time.